RunSafe is a sports wellness program for runners focusing on personalized health advice, injury prevention, and performance enhancement. RunSafe brings together experts from various UCSF clinics to cater to all the needs of a runner. What sets RunSafe apart from traditional gait analysis is our multi-disciplinary, comprehensive approach-- having all the specialists in one room-- allowing the runner to have a holistic evaluation in just one visit.

The 2-hour assessment ($349) includes:

  • ​Video Gait Analysis - Your running biomechanics will be evaluated from multiple camera angles with computerized motion analysis software by our biomechanist.
  • Strength & Flexibility Assessment - Your functional strength and flexibility, using focused assessment techniques, will be evaluated by our physical therapist.
  • Wellness Counseling - Our sports scientist will discuss your nutritional habits & training routine and make personalized recommendations that support your athletic & health goals.
  • Foot Dynamics & Footwear Assessment - Your foot shape & dynamics, as well as your footwear, will be assessed by a certified orthotics & prosthetics expert.
  • Video Debriefing & Recommendations - We'll discuss the results with you and provide a personalized report card, outlining the findings & recommendations from our team.

For more information on the RunSafe program, and to register for one of our upcoming assessment sessions, please visit the RunSafe website. If you have any questions about RunSafe you can also email us.